New conditions for renewal of driving license for expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Saudi traffic police announced today the new conditions that will be applied to renew the driving license for expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Driving licenses for expatriates are important things that lead to penalties for those who miss them, as there is a grace period of renewal of 60 days, and after this period if not find a fine.

The Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has facilitated all procedures and steps for the renewal of the driver’s license for expatriates, as it became renewed by Absher, which contributed to saving time and effort, it is a program that is responsible for everything related to traffic services.

The Kingdom has set new conditions for the renewal of the expatriate license, which is to:

  1. Fill the renewal form,
  2. Do a medical examination, and
  3. The license is in the possession of the applicant and expired,
  4. Provide residency and
  5. Identity of the resident,
  6. Payment of fines and fees,
  7. Two photographs with a white background.

The applicant must register in the Absher portal, select traffic from the e-services, and then choose to renew the license, and when the conditions appear to read, then choose the type of license and duration and then confirm, then it will appear that the renewal, then pay the renewal fees at the traffic office.