Riyadh exhibition attracts 350 falconers from across the globe

RIYADH – The Saudi Falcons Club has announced the details of the 2nd edition of the Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, which is slated to be held during the period Oct. 11–15, here.

The club said that in its new round the exhibition will be held on an area of nearly 36,000 sq. meters, along the Airport Road near the Riyadh front.

This year the exhibition will have over 30 sections, including those showcasing falcons and others for falcon breeders, weapons, hunting and desert trip requirements, falcon requirements, a center for acquainting the public with falcons and their history, among others.

In this edition, the exhibition has attracted over 350 exhibitors from various countries of the world. The objective is to provide the best and widest choices and options for falconry and hunting enthusiasts and hobbyists.

The falcons and hunting exhibition will also have a cultural theater on which poetic nights, seminars and workshops will be held. In addition, there will be a department for plastic arts, visual shows, and entertainment events suitable for all members of the family.

The Falcons Club will receive male and female visitors during the period 12 noon to midnight throughout the five days of the exhibition.

The Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition is part of the Riyadh Season events.

Source: saudigazzete.com.sa