IAF inducts its first Rafale in protection of Lemons and Coconuts

The Indian Air Force has inducted it’s first rafale jet. According to the Indian defence minister India will be able to compete sufficiently with China and Pakistan after the installation of first squadron of rafale jets in Indian Air Force by Feb 2021 , Defence Minister Rajnath Singh took a flight of the jet and explained it as the experience of a lifetime.

The Indian ministry of Defence and IAF expressed their gratitude towards France Government on not delaying the supply of the jet.

It is said by the Defence ministry of India and IAF that the Rafale will improve the attack capacities of the Indian Air Force. These jets will not be used for attack but to defend the country.

The fighter jet is equipped with potent meteor and scalp missiles that will strengthen air strike capabilities and air dominance of the Indian Air Force.

A part from that, Indian Air force has demonstrated an over enthusiastic act after receiving the jet. They are treating it like a sacred dewi or dewta (the Idol) and respecting it by protecting it through Lemons and coconuts, training the pilots would be of any help instead.

Udit Raj goes lemon and chilli on Modi Government (India).

The backlash is coming from Pakistanis on putting Lemons and coconuts on the Jet as a practice of protecting it from any sort of mishap.

Also Pakistanis are of the view that if you have capable pilots then there is no need of putting coconuts and Lemons on it.

The famous Anchor Mubashir Luqman has also said that it is not about the Rafale jets but about the capability of pilots. He advised IAF to hand over the rafale jet to Abhi Nandan.

He also said, “It not about the planes but the training and Pakistan’s pilots on the contrary are best, it’s not me but the whole world says the same and let me tell all of you that Pakistan has already had training of Rafale jets in Qatar. Pakistan Airforce pilots are no doubt a first-hand example of Men behind the machines at it’s best. ”

That is true about Pakistan Airforce as world has seen the air strike of February 27 , 2019. World has accepted the excellence of PAF.

Source: Zem