Debate to focus on Kashmir crisis

TWO motions condemning violations and standing up for human rights in Kashmir are being tabled at Bradford Council’s Full Committee next week.

Councillor Naveed Riaz is moving a motion on violations against people in the beleaguered Kashmir region and seeking ways to help relatives living in Bradford.

The chamber will hear of the escalation of violence against the people since August and the revoking of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution

The history of Human Rights violations in Kashmir is long-standing, and has been a continuing issue since partition in 1947.

Cllr Riaz is due to say Kashmir should be taken seriously as an issue within Britain, since it poses the possibility of the unrest and distrust between the communities in Kashmir being transferred to Britain, producing division and conflict between communities within The UK.

The council is being asked to resolve to: condemn Human Rights violations in Kashmir, stand with the people, offer all possible support to Bradford residents who have family and/or friends living in Jammu Kashmir and facilitate events in Bradford that cross religious divides, in order to ‘promote open dialogue and unity’.

The council will be asked to write to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of India and the United Nations.

Bradford Council leader Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe is also due to move a motion for the city to stand up for those facing violence and danger in Kashmir.

The motion to be brought to the committee reads: “This Council condemns the recent actions of the Indian Government to revoke article 370 of the Indian Constitution and thereby ending the special status of the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

“This Council also notes with concern the following: The addition of 180,000 extra troops to the region, which already has over 700,000 troops, and the reports of Human Rights abuses and killings of Kashmiri civilians by the Indian Government troops.

“The removal of access to communications with the outside world and the right to travel to and from the region which has impacted on Bradford residents travelling to and from Kashmir, and the house arrest of all the political leaders and activists from the region, with thousands of people reported to be detained.”

The Council is being asked to call on the government to take the following actions: “Commit to supporting the retention of article 370 of the Indian constitution until the United Nations resolutions adopted in 1947/8 are implemented.

Commit to supporting the Kashmiri people’s right of self-determination, including the use of instruments of international law.

Call on the Indian Government to restore all communications to the region immediately and lift all travel bans.

Demand an end to all human rights abuses and killings of civilians; and demand immediate free access to the region for international observers and human rights organisations.

Urge the Indian Government to agree to international mediation to bring about peace and prosperity to the region.

The meeting is on Tuesday at 4pm.

Source: The Telegraph & Argus