Has King Salman canceled Dependent fee?

The latest news clip has been in circulation on social media claiming that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has canceled dependent fees and expat levy with immediate effect. We have covered the subject in detail here.

All of us know that the Saudi Government announced on Jan 01, 2017 that a fee of SR 100 per month has been levied on all the dependents of expatriates in Saudi Arabia att he time of Iqama renewal from July 01, 2017.

The dependent’s fee has been increased to SR 300 per month from July 2019. It will further increase to SR 400 per month from July 2020. However, according to the latest news, the Shoura Council has requested the relevant ministries to prepare and submit a proposal to keep the dependent fee for the year 2020 at the level of SR 300.

A news clip has been in circulation on social media claiming that King Salman has canceled the dependents fee with immediate effect. The news clip is from Al Riyadh Newspaper website and it is clearly written there that King Salman has waived off the dependent’s fee.

The news clip also states that the Saudi government does not rely on dependent’s fee to run its operations. Before reaching any conclusion, let’s postpartum the news clip.

If you closely look at the news clip, it has been taken as a picture with a mobile camera from the website of the Al Riyadh Newspaper.

  1. Al Riyadh Newspaper is a well-known Saudi newspaper but when you try to search this news there, you will not find it at all. Either the news clip which was once published has been removed or someone used his Photoshop skills to make it viral.
  2. If you check the SADAD banking accounts, they are still taking dependent’s fee from expatriates. SADAD has not changed the system, if this news was true, the system of SADAD would have been changed.
  3. People are still not able to apply for exit re-entry visas of their families without paying the dependent’s fee. Now, this is the system of Ministry of Interior, if this news was true, they would have streamlined the process according to the new orders of the King. Recommended: No Exit Re-Entry Visa without Dependent’s Fee
  4. The date of the news is July 02, 2017. If the news was broken a long time ago but no action was taken after that which means that the news is fake.