Women and the Weight Loss Struggle

By: Sarah Umair

A women is always admired and flaunted with the beautiful body and looks but if she is in a good body shaped . She is always the apple of pie of her man’s eye … but women usually after giving birth to their babies, suffers a lot. Physical pain is something but the mental pain she bears a lot in terms of body shaming…

Every women is gifted with a differnt body type.. Struggling with the pain of c-section and obsessed with the weight gain, it finds it harder to lose weight. But nothing is impossible! As start is always difficult. Few women’s rapidly get into their body shapes right after giving birth because of their body types. Other women face a lot of difficulties in reducing the weight.. this writing might be helpful for the readers.

Few tips to reduce weight:

  1. Apple cider vinegar
  2. Portion control
  3. Eating more fiber
  4. Carbs and healthy fats
  5. Eat more greens
  6. Detox water
  7. Skip sugar or substitute
  8. Eat grilled or steamed meat
  9. Good workout
  10. Drink lots of water
  11. Good sleep
  12. Green tea
Apple cider vinegar leads to stomach weight loss.

A study suggests taking apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water with empty stomach leads to weight loss. In addition, a person may add lemon and honey for greater taste.. apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid. It also helps in lowering blood sugar levels. In advance it also helps in reducing belly fat..

Keep the simplest portion, less carbs helps your body on a robust progress to weight loss.

Controlling portions of meals also helps yo reduce weight. Like if a person, eats a plate of any meal. Try to take a small plate. So when the plate will.be small, the quantity of food in it will be less also

Fiber may be find in different fruits and vegetables, grains. The food rich in fiber are beans, oats, carrots, cabbage, barley. There are many health benefits if fiber is in your daily diet.
Fiber further helps to reduce weight and lowers cholesterol levels. It also helps in maintaining the bowel movements..it relieves constipation too.

Carbs are also an important element in our diet. Cutting carbs and fats completely from the body will not maintain the normal range of blood sugar level in the body. So to maitain, cut down the white bread and white rice because they are less in nutrients. Add in brown bread and brown rice that are rich in fiber. There are two categories of fats. One is saturated fat and the other is unsaturated fats. The unsaturated fats are healthy fats. E.g olive oil, coconut oil. Skipping non healthy fats as all types of cheese and fatty dairy products also helps to reduce fat from body.

You have heard a lot to eat more greens. But do you know why?
Green leafy veges are rich source vitamins and minerals. It makes the skin healthy and helps in metabolism. Foods like spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce are rich in iron, potassium as well have lots of minerals and vitamins in it. Add more in the diet and it will wash away all the bad from.your body.

Home made healthy vitamin-fortified water

There are different types of detox waters.
It has tons of benefits also helps in balancing the pH level of body with better digestive system. Increases energy levels and most of all helps to reduce belly fat and weight from body. It also improves complexion. It’s recipe is quite simple. Take a jug full of water add in pieces of whatever fruit or vegetables you like, some leaves. For me I add 10 to 12 leaves of mint, slices of lemon, cucumber and ginger in 1 liter of water.

Natural ingridients for body and skin care- camomile, brown sugar cubes, lemon and a bowl of honey with a wooden spoon, close up. Cosmetology and health care concept.

Skipping sugar also helps to reduce weight rapidly.. if a person cannot omit sugar from the diet. One must go for natural sugar: honey or date syrup

Eating grilled or steamed meat or veges helps to reduce weight quickly. Add few drops of oliveoil if needed.

Drinking more water helps to weight loss, boosts metabolism, cleans the body and reduces appetite. Expert says drink atleast 2 litres of water on daily basis. Expert says adopting a routine as drinking two glass of water before every meal can helps to reduce weight faster. For instinct, it fills the stomach and appetite.

Green tea one of the best calorie burner

There are numerous benefits of green tea. It has antioxidants and it helps to lose weight and increases metabolism.. Drinking 3 times a day helps to cut fat faster.

Woman exercise workout in gym fitness breaking relax holding apple fruit after training sport with dumbbell and protein shake bottle can bring a magical change in weeks in body.

Clean eating will helps to lose weight gradually and also in maintaining the weight. But for weight, it is necessary to workout atleast an hour a day. Prefer whatever u like. Running, walking, cycling,swimming, yoga, aerobics, skipping rope or even lifting weight. For extreme results do twice a day. One in early morning right after rising. Second in evening before one hour of dinner.

This article is originally written by Sarah U., who is an occasional writer and commentator on health, food, and productivity. This article is published here with her permission, and subject to copyrights.